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Christmas time in Mexico is one of the most special times of the year. In this time, the different states of the country have special rituals and ways of celebrating with beautiful traditions that fill with warmth (and fireworks) one of the most colorful and cheerful seasons for mexicans.

It all starts with the “Posadas”; this celebrations officially go from December 16th to 24th and they are about Mary and Joseph’s journey to find shelter. People get together and sing some traditional verses, share some food and have a good time.


On this festive time you can find piñatas everywhere, different sizes and colors; as well as Poinsettia flowers (which are originally mexican and called ‘Nochebuena”), and people in the streets selling christmas ornaments.

Mexican people also have the “pastorelas”, which are representations (intended to be funny) that tell the story of the shepherds going to find baby Jesus and the adventures that come along when the devil appears and tries to stop them.


Typical food of the season vary according the region but the most popular are romeritos, bacalao, pavo, tamales, ponche, buñuelos, and many more.

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